What Is Structural Project ?

It is a project discipline that includes the calculations and drawings of all carriers of the building, which is made in accordance with the architectural project of the building, ground survey and geotechnical reports, and service needs. It is made by Civil Engineers.
The structure is analyzed in accordance with the relevant regulations and scientific rules. A strategy as close to reality as possible should be followed. Parameters and loads used in calculations must be compatible with real life. Otherwise, the structure may be endangered in case of an unaccounted loading. Calculations should be made with reliable and up-to-date computer programs and the analysis results should be checked with some manual calculations against parameter input or software errors. Static Project must be done by a civil engineer registered with the Professional Chamber. (The designer civil engineer should be able to read the architectural project very well. All other disciplines should also be good at reading static projects.)
In the light of calculations.
Manufacturing Methodology and Details Rules
  • Foundation and Floor Formwork and Application Plans
  • Sufficient Number of Sections
  • Reinforced Concrete or Steel Foundation, Column, Beam, Curtain, Flooring Equipment and Manufacturing Details (3d if possible)
  • 3d building model and images if possible.
The drawings containing the main subjects such as 1/50 – 1/25 – 1/10 – 1/5 are prepared in necessary scales.
Delivered digitally and in print.
Project Process:
The civil engineer makes a preliminary design and analysis in accordance with the architectural project, taking into account the ground and geotechnical report, and shares the work with the architect.
  • The architect continues his work and publishes it again, in line with the work done by the civil engineer and the suggestions of the carriers (column, beam, curtain …).
  • The civil engineer advances the static project in line with this improved architectural project and republish the preliminary design.
  • At the end of this pass, all disciplines complete their projects with the approved architecture.